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Chapter 14

PHIL 1200 Chapter 14: Topic 17

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PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

o982 According to this revised Principle of Alternate Possibilities, then, I should not be morally responsible for my actions Frankfurt tries to solve this problem by making a distinction between doing something only because of some deterministic causal influence, and doing something because of other reasons (found in my thoughts and desires). His final revised Principle of Alternate Possibilities, then, looks like this: “A person is not morally responsible for what he has done if he did it only because he could not have done otherwise.” This view seems to both explain the case of Jones3 and Jones4 and explain why determinism does not take away the notion of moral responsibility, since we often act based on reasons other than the deterministic causal forces that act upon us. Harry Frankfurt ~ Freedom of the Will…. Frankfurt’s starting point It is obviously important for philosophy to be able to describe what constitutes a p
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