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Chapter 14

PHIL 1200 Chapter 14: Topic 15

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PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

lP98R Problem of freedom of the will arises when we are confronted with a deterministic universe The fact that we think our will is free does not mean we are right Of course, psychology has not advanced enough to give us the ability to firmly predict human choices and actions But doing so seems conceivable Two sides in the debate A) the scientist – he thinks behaviour follows physical laws and is determined/predictable B) the moralist – he denies the latter But the moralist also must deny that action is completely uncaused (then it would be random and we would not be held responsible) What the moralist needs An account where the action flows from one’s character (when they choose freely) in a deterministic (or at least reliable and regular) fashion Butthismovestheproblemfurtherintheback(whyamIresponsible for the person I am?) Ayer’s solution to the problem: F
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