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Chapter 13

PHIL 1200 Chapter 13: Topic 10

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PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

c78R “In many cases of difficult choice the outcome cannot be foreseen with certainty. One kind of assessment of the choice is possible in advance, but another kind must await the outcome, because the outcome determines what has been done.” A possible reply: At a very minimum, people are morally judged for their character, and this seems to be fully within their control. But this seems wrong ,or, in any case, not the way we think of morality. We judge people for what they actually do or fail to do, not just for what they would have done if circumstances had been different. Nagel’s bleak picture of moral judgment: “The area of genuine agency, and therefore of legitimate moral judgment, seems to shrink under this scrutiny to an extensionless point. Everything seems to result from the combined influence of factors, antecedent and posterior to action, that are not within the agent's control. Since he cannot be responsible for them, he cannot be responsible for their results.” Is there some possible reply to this picture? Nagel proposes some:
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