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Chapter 15

PHIL 1200 Chapter 15: Topic 24

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PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

o982 1) Different societies have different moral codes. 2) The moral code of a society determines what is right within that society, and there is nothing further that can make something right. 3) There is no objective standard that can be used to claim that one society’s code is better than another, or that a particular practice is wrong. 4) There is no “universal truth” in ethics (contrary, perhaps, to physics). There are no moral truths that hold for all people at all times. 5) The moral code of our society has no special status; it is just one among many, neither better nor worse. 6) It is arrogant to try and judge the moral practices of other cultures. Rather, we should be tolerant and accepting toward them. Usually, Cultural Relativists tend to adopt the stronger positions 2-4. In this way, they pose a threat to moral philosophy and perhaps morality in general (we will see how). All different cultural relativist positions have a common starting point: Different societies have different mor
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