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Chapter 16

PHIL 1200 Chapter 16: Topic 32

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PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

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o982 5. Subjectivism is in contrast with our common conceptions and intuitions regarding the terms “right” and “wrong.” When saying that something (e.g. slavery) is morally wrong we do not only mean it as an expression of our sentiments, but something that is true regardless of whether anyone actually agrees with it or not (and perhaps there were not that many people that agreed with it two centuries ago). Can there be any proof in ethics? What would it have to include? Does moral subjectivism lead to moral relativism or moral nihilism (especially given the argument from disagreement, and the comparison between ethics and the sciences)? Is there is some sort of psychological standard regarding morals? What could that be? Could it be the same for all people? John Stuart Mill ~ Utilitarianism The project that Mill has in mind Ethics can be/should be a scientific enterprise It established principles, which gain their validity from observation of peoples’ practices Contrary to the natural sciences, the ultimate principles of ethics can
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