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Chapter 1

PSYC 2250 Chapter 1: Topic 1

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PSYC 2250
Steven Hladkyj

Chapter 13: Gender and Development Social Roles cultural guidelines for peoples behaviors. Gender Roles behaviors considered appropriate for males and females Gender Identity perception of oneself as either male or female Gender Stereotypes Beliefs about how males and females differ in personality traits, interest and behaviors Instrumental Traits describe individuals that are active and influential in their world o Male associated traits Expressive Traits describe individuals that are high in emotional functioning and value interpersonal relationships o Female associated traits Learning Gender stereotypes By 1 years babies begin to pay more attention to toys that are associated with their gender There is a gradual accumulation of beliefs and behaviors By 11 they have the same gender stereotypes as adults Education is negatively correlated with stereotyped views Gender Differences There are more gender similarities than differences Existing differences are not large Physical Development and Behavior Boys perform better at strength based tasks and skills Girls perform better at tasks requiring finemotor coordination Boys tend to be more physically active Boys engage in more risk taking behaviors
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