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Chapter 1

PSYC 2250 Chapter 1: Topic 3

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PSYC 2250
Steven Hladkyj

o982 Gender contentedness degree to which child feels satisfied with their gender assignment Felt pressure to conform to gender roles degree to which the child feels parents and peers disapprove of their gender related traits Cognitive Theories Gender Schemas Gender Schema Theory children first decide if an object, activity, or behavior is considered female or male, then use this information to decide whether they should learn more about the object, activity, or behavior. Gender Schemas networks of knowledge about each other Guide knowledge gathering Form a framework for beliefs about gender Transitions in Gender Roles Instrumental and expressive traits Androgyny androgynous people are rated high on both the instrumental and expressive dimensions Move towards less differentiation Ways to Reduce Gender Stereotyped Roles and Behaviors Encouragement to disregard gender Providing choice in terms of toys and activities Parents who do not gender base toys and activities Avoiding transmitting gender stereotypes Teaching appreciation for differences Avoiding unnecessary references to gender Parents who are less gender bound Encouraging children to think critically about gender messages they encounter
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