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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Textbook Notes

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University of Manitoba
PSYC 2290
Debra Lall

Chapter 2 Allele:  Form of a gene, one from each parent Autosomes:  Non-sex chromosome Behavioural Genetics: o How nature + nurture contribute to diversity in traits + abilities Canalization: o Tendency of heredity to restrict the development to just 1 or a few outcomes o Strongly canalized: infant perceptual and motor development - all roll over o Behaviour develops similarly in wide range of environments Carrier:  Heterozygotes carry 1 recessive allele Chromosomes: o Rodlike structures that Store genetic info o Located in nucleus o Made of DNA Collectivist Societies  Define themselves as part of group and set group goals Co-parenting:  Mutually supporting each other's parenting behaviour Crossing Over: o In meiosis chromosomes pair up and copy themselves o Then they cross over Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA):  Made of bases, double stranded Dominant-Recessive Inheritance:  1 allele affects child's characteristics Epigenesis:  Development resulting from ongoing bidirectional changes  Environment alters how a gene operates Extended Family Household:  Parent + child with 1/more adult relatives Fraternal/Dizygotic Twins:  Fertilization of 2 ova,  Most common Gametes: o Sex cells o 23 chromosomes o Formed by meiosis Gene:  Segment of DNA along length of chromosome Genetic Counselling: o Assess couple's chances of having child with hereditary disorder Genetic-Environmental Correlation: o Our genes influence the environments we are exposed to Genomic Imprinting o 1 allele chemically marked and activated (imprint
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