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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Textbook Notes

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PSYC 2290
Debra Lall

Chapter 5 Affordances  Action possibilities situation offers to person with certain motor capabilities  Could slip on surface Amodal Sensory Properties  Info not specific to single modality but overlaps 2/ more sensory systems  Texture and shape (vision and touch) Brain Plasticity  Areas of brain not committed to specific functions in early years Cephalocaudal Trend Head to tail (head develops more rapidly prenatal)  Cerebral Cortex  Largest brain structure, 85% brain's weight  Surrounds rest of brain Classical Conditioning  Neutral stimulus paired with stimulus that causes reflexive response Conditioned Response  Response caused by conditioned stimulus Conditioned Stimulus  The neutral stimulus presented at same time as the unconditioned Unconditioned Response  Caused by unconditioned stimulus Unconditioned Stimulus  Consistently produces reflexive/ unconditioned response Contrast Sensitivity  Early pattern preferences Differentiation Theory  Infant search for invariant features (remain stable) in environment Dynamic Systems Theory of Motor Development  Mastery of motor skills involves acquiring complex systems of action  Separate abilities blend together  Control of head and upper chest combine to sit with support Epiphyses  At each end of long bone, cartilage cells produced at growth plates Experience-Dependent Brain Growth  Occurs throughout life as result of learning Experience-Expectant Brain Growth  Young brain's rapidly developing organization Fontanels  Soft spots in infant's head Glial Cells  Half of brain's volume responsible for myelination Growth Faltering  Size below norms  Withdrawn and apathetic Habituation  Gradual reduction in strength of response due to repetitive stimula
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