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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Textbook Notes

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University of Manitoba
PSYC 2290
Debra Lall

Chapter 12 Concrete Operational Stage  7 to 11 years  Thought is logical, flexible, organized Reversibility  Ability to think through steps and reverse them Seriation  Ordering items along quantitative dimension such as length or weight  Arranging from longest to shortest, etc. Transitive Inference Seriate mentally  Cognitive Maps  Mental representations of familiar large scale spaces like neighborhood/school Production Deficiency  Preschoolers rarely use attention strategies Control Deficiency  Young elementary students produce strategies but not consistently Utilization Deficiency  Use strategies consistently but their performance doesn’t improve much Effective Strategy Use  Mid elementary children use strategies consistently and performance improves ADHD  Inattention, impulsivity, excess motor activity Rehearsal  Repeating info to self Organization  Grouping related items together Elaboration  Creating relationship between multiple pieces of info that are not members of same category Cognitive Self-Regulation  Continuously monitoring progress toward a goal, checking outcomes, redirecting unsuccessful efforts Whole Language Approach  From beginning children exposed to text in complete form - stories, poem, letters, etc.  Children can appreciate communicative function of written language Phonics Approach  Children should first be taught rules for translating written symbols into sounds Triarchic Theory of Successful Intelligence  Made up of 3 interacting intelligences  Creative, analytical, practical Theory of Multiple Intelligences  Intelligence is distinct set of processing operations  8 intelligences Emotional Intelligence  Abilities that allow person to process + adapt to emotional info Stereotype Threat  Fear of being judge
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