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Textbook Notes for PSYC 2440 at University of Manitoba

Behaviour Modification Principles

PSYC 2440 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-12: Permanent Teeth, Community Psychology, Backward Chaining

Unit 1 1) What is behaviour, generally, and technically? Give three synonyms for behaviour. Generally, behaviour is anything that a person says or does. Technically, behaviour is any muscular, glandular or electrical activ...

PSYC 2440
Garry Martin
PSYC 2440 Chapter Notes - Chapter 13-15: Classical Conditioning, Great Fear, Netflix

Assignment 4: Chapter 13: 8. The type of punishment with Ben was a reprimand, as saying "Ben, no hitting. Stand up and sit down 10 times" is a strong negative verbal stimulus. Reprimands also often include both a condit...

PSYC 2440
PSYC 2440 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5-8: Reinforcement, Playtime

Therefore, it is not shaping. Chapter 5: 2. A conditioned reinforcer is a stimulus that was not originally reinforcing, but has become reinforcing by being paired with other reinforcers. Two examples are your favourite ...

PSYC 2440
PSYC 2440 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-4: Shoplifting, Bonfire, Laxative

Assignment #1 Chapter 1: 3. Overt behaviours are visible and can be observed and recorded by an individual other than the one doing the activity. An example would be typing on a computer. A covert behaviour is an activi...

PSYC 2440
PSYC 2440 Chapter Notes - Chapter 9-12: Classical Conditioning, Task Analysis, Stimulus Control

Assignment #3 Chapter 9: 3. Stimulus control is the degree of correlation between the occurrence of a particular antecedent stimulus and the occurrence of a subsequent response. 4. Good stimulus control is strong corre...

PSYC 2440
PSYC 2440 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-4: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, The Techniques, Junk Food

Behaviour Modification PSYCH 2440 Assignment 1: Units 1 4 Chapter 1 4) Cognitive behaviours are internal behaviours that cannot be readily observed by others, such as imagining or selftalk. This term is not referring to p...

PSYC 2440
Martin Garry

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