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Chapter 6

SOC 1200 Chapter 6: Sociology Chapter 6

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SOC 1200
Susan Miller

Sociology Chapter 6: Social Structure: Any enduring, predictable pattern of social relations among people in society. Appearance Deviance: Violation of appearance norms. E.g people who wear tattoos are deviant, also includes people who are obese or anorexic because it goes against what people believe humans should look like. Mental Illness: This is a form of unintentional deviance. People who suffer mental illness often dont realize that they are breaking several different rules and violating peoples expectations. Additionally, mentally ill people have trouble communicating and this could be considered deviant. Sexual Deviance: Include 3 main types of ways to break the common rules 1.) Violations of the sexual double standard by women. This is when an older women pursues a younger man for sex. 2.) Violations of sexual fidelity by married people (Cheating) 3.) Violations of heteronormativity Social institutions, practices, and norms that support an automatic assumption that people are or should be heterosexual. Paraphilia: Any sexual deviation or departure from the norm. These are breakings of the rules mentioned above. Edwin Schurs Crimes Without Victims: Stated that crimes that didnt have victims shouldnt be considered crimes and that the people doing these victimless crimes should not be held responsible These crimes include selling marijuana, and in the past, being homosexual. His work caused many changes in law today. Moral Panic: *Social concern about and overreaction to certain deviant behaviours that may be trivial in nature or in frequency. Typically, moral panic is induced by someone who stands to gain a profit from the fear and panic instilled by this apparent problem. Initially starts out with a growing perception that the behavior of the group in question is having a negative impact on society e.g poor people, blacks, gays, etc. Then hostility develops towards these groups and there is an evident division among all the people.
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