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STAT 2000
Carrie Paquette

Unit 1 Inference for the Mean of a Single Population pt 1 Vocab • Cases = objects described by data set. Can be customers, companies, subjects in a study, objects, etc • label = special variable in some data sets to distinguish different cases • variable = characteristic of a case • categorical variable = each individual in a category ex: male or female / ex: Yes or No • Quantitative variable = numerical values that measure a characteristic of each case stemplots Separate each observation into – stem = all but the rightmost digit – leaf = final digit – Stems = as many digits as needed – Leafs = contain only a single digit Distribution of a variable = what values it takes / how often it takes these values Stemplots and histograms display the distributions of quantitative variables When examining a distribution, look for: - shape, center, and spread - for clear deviations from the overall shape Distributions shapes = symmetric or skewed. The number of modes (major peaks) is another aspect of overall shape. SAMPLE MEANS • less variable than individual observations. • more “Normal” than individual observations. The sample mean from a sample / xperiment is an estimate of the mean μ of the population. MEAN / STANDARD DEVIATION OFASAMPLE MEAN • is the mean of a SRS of size n from a population having mean μ and standard deviation σ. The mean and standard deviation of are SAMPLING DISTRIBUTION OFASAMPLE MEAN • If a population
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