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PHIL 140
Eric Dayton

Chapter 1 Text NotesJanuary1812inferencea piece of reasoning A kind of mental process Happen in the privacy of our own mindsargumentto engage in a public interpersonal reasoning process A social exchange between two or more personsArgument Structurethe arguerasserts the premises claims them to be true or acceptable even if only hypothetically or for the sake of argument1asserts that if the premises are true or acceptable than the conclusion is true or acceptable2asserts the conclusion3Arguments havepublic aim which is independent from the private purposes of the arguers and t haspublic rules which are independent of the thought processes actuallyoccurringin reasonerscogent argumentan argument that meets the following conditionsmust be grounded in premises that are accepted or are rationally acceptable to a reasonable audience1the premises must be relevant to the conclusion they need to make a rationally grounded connection to the 2conclusionthe premises must provide suffic
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