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Chapter 2

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PHIL 140
Eric Dayton

Chapter 2 Text NotesJanuary18121128 PMClassificationa kind of division according to a rulea group of individuals is divided into subgroups by a rule that sorts them by a set of common properties4 rules for classificationShould be exhaustive Every member of the whole group being classified should be put in some subgroup or anotheriShould be exclusive No member of the group being classified should be put into more than one group groups dont overlapiiShould be clear The rules of classification should be sufficiently easy to understand and imply that is clear to which group members belongiiiDeveloped to perform particular jobs so a classification system should be adequate for its purposesivDefinitiona statement that specifies what the term meansused to tell us what is and what is not included in the reference of a termIt is important in an argument are using the terms in the same way to mean the same thing6 rules for a good definitionA good definition of a term shouldnt be too broadiThe definition shouldnt be too narrowiiA good definition should avoid vagueness and obscurityiiiA good definition should not be circularivA good definition should not be negativevA good definition is not slanted or biasedviImplicit statementa statemen
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