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Chapter 5

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PHIL 140
Eric Dayton

Chapter 5 Text NotesFebruary0712108 AMBiasan insensitivity to evidencePersonal AttackAlso known as ad hominem which is latin for against the manIndicates that the attack is directed towards the speaker rather than towards their argumentSimple abusehere we simply insult our opponentPoisoning the welloccurs when we criticise a persons motivation for offering a particular argument or claim rather than examining the worth of the argument or claim itselfEX Those who disagree with me when I say that humanity is corrupt prove that they have already been corruptedTu quoquelook whos talking A person is charged with acting in a manner that is incompatible with the position he or she is arguingforThe opponent fails to follow their own adviceEX You cant tell me not to smoke You smoke like a chimneyThis has nothing to do with the quality or validity of the argumentMob AppealAn appeal to our emotions using theatrical language Using flattery to get people on your sideEX Since you are a college audience I know I can speak to you about difficult matterEX Im a working man my
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