PHSI 208 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Exhibitionism, Sleepwalking, Human Sexual Response Cycle

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25 Jan 2013

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Chapte r4
Disorders usually first diagnosed in infancy, childhood, or adolescence
Intellectual, emotional, and physical disorders that usually begin in infancy, childhood or
The child with separation anxiety disorder has excessive anxiety about being away from
home or parents
Children with conduct disorder repeatedly violate special norms and rules]
Indiv with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder have difficulty sustaining attention and
are unable to control their activity when the situation calls for it
Indiv with mental retardation (listed axis II) show subnormal intellectual functioning and
deficits in adaptive functioning
The pervasive developmental disorders include autistic disorder, a severe condition in
which the indiv has problems in acquiring communication skills and deficits in relating to
other ppl
Learning disorders refer to delays in the acquisition of speech, reading, arithmetic and
writing skills
Substance related disorders
A substance related disorder is diagnosed when the ingestion of some substance- alcohol,
opiates, cocaine, amphetamines and so on has changed beh enough to impair social or
occupational functioning
These substances may also contribute to the development of other Axis I disorders such
as mood or anxiety disorders
For indiv with shitzo contact with reality is faulty. Their language and communication
are distorted and they may shift from one subject to another in ways that make them
difficult to understand. They commonly experience delusions such as believing that
thought are not their own have been placed in their heads. They are sometimes plagued
by hallucinations commonly hearing voices that come from outside themselves. Their
emotions are blunted, flattened or inappropriate and their social relationships and ability
to work show marked deterioration
Mood disorders
Ppl whose moods are extremely high or low
Major depressive disorder- person is deeply sad and discouraged and is also likely to lose
weight and energy to have suicidal thoughts and feelings of self reproach
The person with mania may be described as exceedingly euphoric, irritable, more active
than usual, distractible, and possessed of unrealistically high self esteem
Bipolar disorder- diagnosed if the person experiences episodes of mania or of both mania
and depression
Anxiety disorders
Some form of irrational or overblown fear as the central disturbance.
Indiv with phobia fear an object or situation so intensely that they must avoid it even
though they know that their fear is unwarranted and unreasonable and disrupts their lives
Panic disorder the person is subject to student but brief attacks of intense apprehension so
upsetting that they tremble and shake, feel dizzy, and have trouble breathing. May be
accompanied by agoraphobia when the person is also fearful of leaving unfamiliar
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