PHSI 208 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Anxiety Disorder, Mental Disorder, Intermittent Explosive Disorder

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25 Jan 2013

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Chapter 5
Factitious disorder
A diagnosis of factitious disorder is applied to ppl who intentionally produce or
complain of physical or psychological symptoms, apparently cuz of a psychological
need to assume the role of a sick person.
Adjustment disorders
Involves the development of emotional or beh symptoms following the occurrence of
a major life stressors. However the symptoms that ensue do not meet diagnostic
criteria for any other axis I diagnosis
Impulse control disorder
Include a # of conditions in which the persons beh is inappropriate and seemingly out
of control
In intermittent explosive disorder the person has episodes of violent beh that result in
destruction of property or injury to another person
In kleptomania the person steals repeatedly but not for the monetary value of the use
of the object
In pyromania the person purposefully sets fires and derives pleasure from doing so
In pathological gambling the person is preoccupied with gambling, is unable to stop
and gambles as a way to escape from problems.
Trichotillomania is when the person cannot resist the urge to pluck out his or her hair
often resulting in hair loss
Personality disorders
Defined as enduring, inflexible and maladaptive patterns of beh and inner experience
In schizoid personality disorder the person is aloof, had few friends, and is indifferent
to praise and criticism
The indiv with a narcissistic personality disorder has an overblown sense of slef
importance, fantasizes about great successes, requires constant attention and is likely
to exploit others
Anti social personality disorders surfaces as conduct disorder before the person
reaches age 15 and is manifested in truancy, running away from home, delinquency,
and general belligerence. In adulthood the person is indifferent about holding a job,
being a responsible partner or parent, planning for the future or ever for tm, and
staying on the right side of the law. Ppl with anti social personality disorder –also
called psychopathy---do not feel guilty or shame for transgressing social norms
Other conditions that may be a focus of clinical attention
If an indivs medical illness appears to be caused in part or exacerbated by a
psychological condition the diagnosis is psychological factors affecting physical
conditions. Among the other diagnoses in the category are the following
Academic problem – underachievement
Anti social beh- in professional thieves
Malingering- faking physical or psychological symptoms to achieve a goal such as
avoiding work
Relational problems – poor relationship with siblings and spouse
Occupational problems- dissatisfaction with work
Physical or sexual abuse
Non-compliance with treatment –refusing meds
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