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Chapter 8

PSY 213 Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Synaptic Pruning, Cerebral Cortex, Dental Caries

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PSY 213
Gerald Farthing

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Chapter 8: Physical Development in Early
Body Growth
Body growth tapers o in early childhood.
Children become longer and leaner.
In the skeleton, new epiphyses emerge, where cartilage
hardens into bone.
Children begin to loose their primary teeth.
Care of primary teeth is necessary because they can
eect baby teeth.
Childhood tooth decay remains common in low SES
Brain Development
Neural %bers in the brain continue to form synapses and
The cerebral cortex has overproduced synapses and
synaptic pruning occurs.
To make room for the connective structures of stimulate
neurons, many surrounding neurons die, leading to
reduced brain activity.
Prefrontal cortical areas, involved in executive function
show rapid growth.
The left hemispheres develops before the right,
supporting rapidly expanding language skill.
Hand preference re)ects the individual’s dominant
cerebral hemisphere.
Fibers linking the cerebellum to the cerebral cortex grow
and myelinate, enhancing motor coordination and
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