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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Mood Disorders & Suicide

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PSY 223
Deb Cooke

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Chapter 4Mood DisordersSuicide 41 Copyright2013 Pearson Canada Inc Essentials of Abnormal Psychology WHAT ARE MOOD DISORDERS Mood disorders are a type of disorder characterized by disturbances of moodenduring states of feeling that colour our psychological lives and make up our emotional experience They can take a variety of forms42 Copyright2013 Pearson Canada Inc Essentials of Abnormal Psychology UNIPOLAR VERSUS BIPOLAR Depressive disorders are considered unipolar because the disturbance lies in one emotional direction or poleeither in depression or maniaDisorders that involve mood swings are bipolarThey involve excesses of both depression and elation usually in an alternating pattern and usually passing through a period of normal balanced mood in the middle 43 Copyright2013 Pearson Canada Inc
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