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Textbook Notes for Accounting & Financial Management at University of Waterloo (UW)

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UWAFM131Manhhung David Nguyen HaFall

AFM131 Chapter Notes - Chapter Chapter 3: Quality Control, Lululemon Athletica, Protectionism

OC24832757 Page
Chapter 3/module 01 - competing in global markets (prep for quiz 1) ** green = things that may appear on a quiz/exam ** Summary: canada has a pop. of m
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UWAFM101Donna PsutkaFall

AFM 101 Textbook Notes

OC7089458 Page
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UWAFM291Robert DucharmeFall

AFM 291 - Fall 2013

OC7089473 Page
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UWAFM102Khim KellyWinter

AFM102 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-8: The Keg, Management Accounting, Cisco Systems

OC708943 Page
Chapter 1: managerial accounting and the business environment. The role of the management accountant in value creation. Managerial accounting: form of
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UWAFM123Khin Phyo HlaingWinter

AFM123 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: International Financial Reporting Standards, Financial Accounting, Net Income

OC11437375 Page
Private accountant: hire an accountant to work solely for a single business and be an employee. Public accountant: works for a variety of businesses an
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UWAFM401Mike EdenFall

AFM401 Chapter Notes - Chapter 7: Ias 39, Cash Flow Hedge, Financial Instrument

OC17256433 Page
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UWAFM123Khin Phyo HlaingWinter

AFM123 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Gift Card, Accounting Equation, Revenue Recognition

OC11437373 Page
Operating activities are the day to day functions in running a business, these activities occur regularly and oftenh as a shorter duration of effect. O
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UWAFM280Steve D' ArcySpring

AFM280 Chapter Notes - Chapter all: Organizational Commitment, Energizer, Absenteeism

OC49173355 Page
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UWAFM341Jee Hae LimFall

AFM341 Chapter Notes - Chapter all: Business Process Model And Notation, Minimax, Database

OC49173357 Page
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AFM482 Chapter Notes -Worthington Industries, Quartile, Reward System

OC1352056 Page
Worthington industries has a long history of success in steel processing and metals-related businesses. From 1995 to 1999, they increased sales consist
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UWAFM131Robert SprouleFall

AFM 131/ARBUS 101 Textbook Notes

OC7089454 Page
Exporting is selling goods and services to another country. Importing is buying goods and services from another country. No country can produce all of
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UWAFM231Robert TimbergSpring

AFM231 Chapter 18: Chapter 18

OC55360511 Page
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