Chapter 4 - Role of Government -Crown Corporations -Taxation & Financial Policies -Laws & Regulations -Government Expenditures -Purchasing Policies -Services

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Accounting & Financial Management
AFM 131
Robert Sproule

Chapter 4 The Role of Government Video Short Documentary on Listeriosis Outbreak Video Maple Leaf FoodsFood Safety Protocols 2009Reading Stimulus spending did little to boost economy report saysReading How will HST impact Ontarians Government activities that affect business 1 Crown Corporation 2 Laws and Regulations 3 Taxation and Financial Policies 4 Government Expenditures 5 Purchasing Policies 6 ServicesCrown Corporations A company that is owned by the federal or provincial governmentThere are hundreds of such companies and they play an important role in the economyThey usually own big companies like Air Canada Canadian Railway and electrical companiesPrivatization occurs when the government sells the Crown corporation as a way to reduce the role of government in the economy Laws and Regulations Laws and regulations are formed by politicians especially those in powerFederal go
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