Chapter 4 - Impact of Government on Business Class notes for government's impact on business. Includes article/video summaries and lecture contents.

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Accounting & Financial Management
AFM 131
Robert Sproule

AFM131 Sept. 21/10 Introduction to the Impact of Government on Business Impact of Government on Business - Impacts of three levels of Canadian government - History - Government rules and regulations - Government incentives How does this knowledge affect us? (as consumers and as business people) - Consumer o Services provided to the consumers o Government expenditures may increase jobs, stimulate economy, or provide services and improve living standards (OSAP) o Government regulations and laws ensure safer foods (protecting our health) and protect consumers (Maple Leaf meat products) o Government increases competition for better products and services and lower prices - Business People o Taxation and financial policies o Laws and regulations in place that need to be obeyed by businesses o Purchasing policies o Government in support and the systems they provide o Provide better working conditions in terms of laws and regulations - Government involvement in business o Compete, consume, and employ o Laws and regulations o Taxes o Financial aid o Spending o Services What historical issues contributed to the impact governmenth’ currently have on business? - Large landmass with low population density along 49 parallel – creates issue of connectivity - Competitive position to the United States – creates inferiority complex Short Documentary on Listeriosis Outbreak - Surveillance system - Listeriosis investigate - Meat inspections, food safety protocols - Crack in the system, no procedures to follow up, no independent health officer Maple Leaf Food Safety Standards Sanitation protocols - Traffic colours - Controls for condensation - Cooler temperature Testing - Strengthen testing, sampling - Double testing sights - Samples on each line - Results are review separately and on a whole - Highly reliable analysis Training - Food inspection agency approval - More than 200 procedur
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