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Chapter 13

AFM 341 Chapter 13: Chapter 13

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University of Waterloo
Accounting & Financial Management
AFM 341
Brian Ma

Chapter 13 Balanced Scorecard Framework - describes performance from 4 perspectives based on firm’s strategy to create shareholder value - can use to analyze management system - assess the value of IT investments according to their contribution to strategic objectives Learning and Growth (improvements in Business Process Perspective (objectives for intangible + tangible infrastructure) business processes so firm operates - investments in human capital + efficiently to deliver g/s their customers organizational capital to reach firm demand) goals + information capital - operations management processes (supply, production, distribution, risk management) - customer management processes (retention of customers) - innovation processes (find opportunities, r&d) - regulatory and social processes (financial reporting, accounting + environmental, employment issues) Customer Perspective Financial Perspective - customer satisfaction is leading - confirm success of firm’s investments indicator of performance in other 3 quadrants - create a value proposition that - objectives usually relate to firm differentiates from competition productivity and long term growth - value prop meets or exceeds (drive shareholder value) customer expectation, higher customer satisfaction  customer retention more sales Invest in learning and growth to improve business process performance improves customer and financial performance objectives (process is measured… as follows) - cost (financial productivity), - time (customer service), - quality (customer satisfaction & retention), - quantity (return on assets/sales) Strategy Map - mission, vision, values + graphic representation of cause and effect among balance score card quadrant - allow firms to assess and prioritize gaps between current and desired performance levels HOW DOES THIS TIE INTO THE CHAPTER? Information capital - intangible asset that reflects readiness of company to support strategic internal processes o computer hardware o infrastructure – communications networks o applications – accounting software
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