AFM131 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Carpool

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2.0 Company Profile and Proposed Business Venture
Company History
HUBsity’s journey started in the Fall of 2014. As a group of 5 university students, we
bonded over sharing a similar problem: the difficulty of managing all our university related
activities. With so many events and involvements, we were all part of various Facebook groups
to be informed. These included a group for carpool, a group for subletting residences, a group for
textbook sales, a group for our program where events are posted, a group for team assignments,
groups for extracurricular activities and the list only continues. How were we ever able to sort
through all this clutter and avoid missing out on any events? How could we increase social and
academic interaction in one application? Thus, we started HUBsity to solve this problem.
Proposed Business Venture
HUBsity is a software development company that has developed a website and mobile
application targeted to university students to simplify their everyday endeavours. By creating an
integrated platform that combines university students’ social and academic aspects, HUBsity is
able to solve the growing concern of students being unable to manage everything related to their
university life.
HUBsity recognizes that many students are in a position where they have too many
applications to manage, leading to mismanagement, disorganization and neglectance. Not only
does this include keeping on top of classes and assignments, students also need to manage their
extra-curricular and faculty events. Just in November 2015, over 15 events were posted on the
Students of Accounting and Financial Management all regarding events towards SAF students.
With so many different events, dates, and application deadlines, it is no wonder that students
would have difficulty keeping track of all of it. Luckily, HUBsity’s app is designed to combat
this issue that university students are facing. Each individual student creates a profile based on
their current field of study, their interests, and their needs. By having a customized profile, the
app can be used to maximize the needs of the student. HUBsity’s integrated platform includes the
following functions breached into 3 categories.
Academics: The academic portion would be an extension of Learn, where the course test dates
and marks will be synced onto HUBsity. HUBsity will show a personalized calendar for the
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