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Textbook Notes for Laura A Sauder

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UWBIOL240Laura A SauderFall

BIOL240 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Chemiosmosis, Cellular Respiration, Electron Transport Chain

OC3470293 Page
20 Jan 2016
Possess a cell wall and complex internal cytoskeleton larger than bacterial or archaeal cells contain organelles. Plays a role in the storage and expre
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UWBIOL240Laura A SauderWinter

BIOL240 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Aureus, Magnetospirillum, Polysaccharide

OC4409795 Page
25 Feb 2016
Common bacterial shapes include spherical (cocci), rods (bacilli), curved rods (vibrio) and spiral (spirilla). The terms in parentheses refer to the te
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