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BIOL 140 Module 10 Notes

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BIOL 240
Trevor Charles

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MODULE 10 Part A: Overview of Archaea Characteristics - Inhabit extreme environments - High temperatures - Acidic pH - Alkaline pH - High salt concentrations - Pathogenic examples do not seem to exist Part B: The Extreme Halophiles Overview - Extreme halophiles: tolerate extremely high salt concentrations - Chemoorganotrophs and obligate aerobes - Halobacterium – most extensively studied - High [salt] stabilizes glycoprotein’s in cell wall - Potassium ion – solute to maintain water balance in cell - High sodium outside cell, high potassium inside cell - Use light to generate ATP using non-photosynthetic mechanism - Rhodopisin instead of chlorophyll Habitats - Great Salt Lake - Dead Sea – high salt concentrations and high Mg ions - Marine salterns The Mechanism of Bacteriohodospin Activity - Energy generating systems which are not photosynthetic - Pigment retinal – a type of carotenoid involved - Retinal exist in trans and cis form - Absorbs light at wavelength of 570 - Absorption of light causes trans  cis - High [proton] outside cell creating proton gradient - Drive ATPase or proton pump - Generation of ATP results - Operate only under anaerobic conditions Part C: Methanogens and Themoplasmatales Methanogens - Methanotrophs dependent on methane produced by methanogens’ metabolism - Obligate anaerobes - Found i
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