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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Attraction and Intimacy: Liking and Loving Others.docx

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BIOL 273
Hilary B Bergsieker

Chapter 10 We are social creatures, ostrasicm is pain and leads to self-destructive behaviours PREDISPOSITIONS FOR FRIENDSHIP AND ATTRACTION 1. Proximity a. Geographical nearness predicts liking b. Most people marry somebody in the same neighborhood, work at the same job, go to the same school… c. Functional distance i. How often people’s paths cross ii. When men and women lived across campus, not many friendships d. Identical twins don’t fall for the same person e. Anticipation of interaction i. Discover commonalities and exchange rewards ii. When told info about two women and told you are going to meet this one, they liked the one they expected to meet more f. Exposure i. Mere-exposure effect- the tendency for novel stimuli to be liked more or rated more positively after the rater has been repeatedly exposed to them ii. Even exposure without awareness works iii. We like ourselves better the way we are used to seeing ourselves 2. Physical attractiveness a. Woman’s attractiveness is good indicator of how much she will date b. Women rate honesty and humour as more important than attractiveness, but is it actually just as important to both genders c. Students took aptitude test then rated various dates, the only thing that could predict liking was physical attractiness d. Matching phenomenon- the tendency for men and women to choose as partners those who are a “good match” in attractiveness and other traits i. Compensating qualities like high assets e. Physical-attractiveness stereotype- the presumption that physically attractive people possess other socially desirable traits as well i. What is beautiful is good ii. True in murder trials, adults to children f. Important for first impressions, like on interviews i. More attractive people make more money g. Attractive people agreed upon across cultures h. Blended faces, symettrical faces i. During ovulation, women preferred men with masculinized features and wear more reavealing outfits j. Compare people, so if you just watched charlie’s angels rate average girl as not very attractive k. The way you look at 17 does not predict the way you look at 40 l. We perceive attractive people as likable and likable people as attractive 3. Similarity vs complementarity a. Rate threats of equal value to commitment as unattractive b. Likeness begets liking i. Or perception of being similar c. Desire for similar mates outweighed desire for attractive mates d. Dissimilarity breeds dislike e. Racial attitudes based on whether they are similar to us or not i. We would rather work with like-minded black than dissimilar minded white f. We have the equivalent of self-fulfilling prophecy towards those we love
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