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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 textbook material only All material not covered in the lecture notes.

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BIOL 273
Katherine Wood

Unit 1Introduction Chapter 1 Introduction to PhysiologyAnatomy study of structure with less emphasis on functionPHYSIOLOGICAL SYSTEMSMusculoskeletal system provides support and body movement Four systems exchange between internal and external environments o Respiratory systemexchanges air o Digestive systemtakes up nutrients and water and eliminates wastes o Urinary systemremoves excess water and waste o Reproductive systemproduces egg and spermFour systems extend throughout the body o Circulatory systemdistributes materials by pumping through blood vessels o Nervous systemcoordinate body functions o Endocrine systemcoordinate body functionsWalks thin line with nervous system o Immune systemcells positioned to intercept material that may enter through the exchange surfaces or a break in the skin They protect against foreign invadersAssociated with circulatory systemFUNCTION AND PROCESS HOMEOSTASISOrganisms that survive challenging habitats cope with external variability by keeping their internal environment relatively stablehomeostasis ECF watery internal environment of multicellular animals o Buffer between cells and outside world o When ECF state changes things come into play to change it backprocesses have evolved to do thisEx removing water so cells do not dilute
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