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Chapter 11

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BIOL 359
Jonathan Witt

Chapter 11: Sexual Selection - Males & females often differ strikingly in size, appearance, and behavior “conspicuously different” - Sexual dimorphism: A difference between the sexes of a species 1.1.Sexual Dimorphism & Sex - Male widow birds: Extremely long tail feathers - For sexually reproducing species o Must survive long enough to reproduce; reproduction; finding a mate & persuade for cooperation - Sexual selection: Differential reproductive success due to variation among individuals in success at getting mates - Asymmetries in sexual reproduction o Sexual selection acts on different sexes differently, eggs in many animals are more expensive than ejaculates o Parental investment: Energy and time expended both in constructing an offspring and in caring for it  Females typically make a larger parental investment in each offspring than fathers o Female: Potential reproductive success is low o Male: Potential reproductive success is high  Sexual selection is a more potent force in the evolution of males
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