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Evolutionary Forces Summary

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BIOL 359
Jonathan Witt

Allele HW Evolutionary Force Definition and Core Concepts Examples Frequency Disequilibri Random Divergence Change um Natural Selection Differences in survival and The Cane Toad: reproduction of phenotypes, leading to selected for small differences in their contribution to the snake size, because next generation, resulting in a change in large snakes died when the frequency of heritable phenotypic they fed on it. variations in populations over time. Relies on Darwin’s Postulates: 1. Species are variable Yes Yes No 2. Variations are heritable 3. More offspring produced than survive 4. Survival is not random Antagonistic selection may occur when two components of selection oppose each other. Mutation May be point mutations (transitions Sickle-cell anemia, and transversions), insertions and Cystic Fibrosis: deletions (indels). May be synonymous heterozygous or non-synonymous. Most mutations superiority. slightly deleterious. Achieves a Yes No Yes mutation-selection balance (mutation introduced and removed from population at the same rate). Increases genetic variability. Migration Movement between populations. Lake Erie water Increases genetic variability. Prevents snakes: populations on divergence of populations. island contain banded snakes because of May be migration from the Yes Yes both Decrease continent. Allele HW Evolutionary Force Definition and Core Concepts
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