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CHAPTER 1HIV is so difficult to treat bc it is a challenge to find drugs that interrupt the viral life cycle without also disrupting the host cells enzymatic functions and thus causing debilitating side effectsoTarget the viruss enzymes protease integrase reverse transcriptasestoAZT1 drug approved to fight HIVblocks reverse transcriptasePrevents the addition of more nucleotides in the growing DNA strand bc AZT has an N group instead of OH so no more nucleotides can be added3Overtime AZT loses effectiveness for 2 reasonsoLong term exposure to AZT causes a cell to make less thymidine kinaseWRONGoThe population of virions inside the patient become resistant to disruption by AZTThe mutant virions containing reverse transcriptase that were less likely to mistake AZT for normal nucleotide or more likely to remove AZT then the mutant variant of HIV would be able to continue replicating and the w
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