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Textbook Notes for CHEM120 at University of Waterloo (UW)

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CHEM120 Chapter 1: Scan1.PDF

OC4703591 Page
18 May 2015
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UWCHEM120Carey BissonnetteFall

CHEM120 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Intensive And Extensive Properties, Gamma Globulin, Zinc Chloride

OC902613 Page
9 Jul 2013
Natural laws: concise statements, often in mathematical form , about natural phenomena (copernicus" law of earth) Depends on ability to explain/account
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UWCHEM120German SciainiFall

CHEM120 Chapter Notes - Chapter 5: Molecular Solid, Metallic Bonding, Ionic Compound

OC13094331 Page
17 Mar 2017
In an ionic solid, positive and negative ions are held in their lattice positions by (strong) ionic. Do not conduct electricity (unless melted and diss
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UWCHEM120Carey BissonnetteFall

The Atomic Theory of Matter.docx

OC2799631 Page
22 May 2014
The word atom is derived from the greek word atomos, meaning indivisible. The philosopher democritus (460-370 b. c. ) believed that matter was composed
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UWCHEM120Carey BissonnetteSummer

CHEM120 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Decimal Mark, Kelvin, Ductility

OC25055502 Page
11 Aug 2018
Natural laws-concise statements about natural phenomena, not an absolute truth. Theory-model of looking at nature to explain natural laws, simplest the
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UWCHEM120Carey BissonnetteFall

CHEM120 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Bromine, Lanthanum, Actinium

OC902614 Page
9 Jul 2013
Law of constant composition: all samples of a compound have the same composition the same proportions by mass of the constituent elements. Dalton"s ato
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UWCHEM120Sonny LeeFall

CHEM120 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Chemical Element, Significant Figures, Distillation

OC1333673 Page
5 Dec 2013
Hypothesis: is a tentative explanation of a natural law. Theory: is a model or way of looking at nature that can be used to explain natural laws and ma
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UWCHEM120Carey BissonnetteFall

chem chapter 3.docx..docx

OC902617 Page
9 Jul 2013
Oxidation states: a useful tool in describing chemical compounds. Oxidation state(number): no. of electrons that an atom loses, gains, or otherwise app
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UWCHEM120William PowerFall

CHEM 120 Chapter 4: Heisenberg uncertainty

OC22990925 Page
10 Nov 2017
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