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Richard Ennis

ACIDBASE EQUILIBRIUM 81 THE NATURE OF ACIDBASE EQUILIBRIA Amphoteric in the Bronsted Lowry model a substance capable of acting as an acid or base in different chemical reactions a substance that may donate or accept a proton A weak acid hold onto its protonA strong acid dont have high affinity for its proton A strong base has strong attraction for protonA weak base has a low attraction for proton The stronger an acid the weaker its conjugate baseThe weaker an acid the stronger its conjugate base AUTOIONIZATION OF WATER Autoionization of water the reaction between two water molecules producing a hydronium ion and a hydroxide ion may be written simplified as H2OlHaqOHaq Water molecules dont dissociate into ions rather as a result of ionization process which proton is transferred from one molecule to another Haq OHaq KwKw101014 STRONG ACIDS Ionizes quantitatively in water to form hydrogen ions greater than 99 Monoprotic acid an acid that possesses only one ionizable acidic proton stubborn STRONG BASESAn ionic substance that Arrhenius dissociates completely in water to release hydroxide ions HYDROGEN ION CONCENTRATION AND PHPOH AND PKW pOH logOHaq pKw logKwpKw always 14 at SATP 82 WEAK ACIDS AND BASES Cindy Shen 1Page
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