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Richard Ennis

ELECTRIC CELLS 91 OXIDATION AND REDUCTION Reduction a process in which electrons are gained Oxidation a process in which electrons are lost Redox reaction chemical reaction in which electrons are transferred between particles The number of electrons gained the reduction equals the total number of electrons lost in the oxidation OXIDATION STATES Metals and monatomic anions tend to lose electrons become oxidized Nonmetals and monatomic cations tend to gain electrons become reduced OXIDATION NUMBERS AND REDOX REACTIONSOxidation an increase in oxidation number Reduction a decrease in oxidation number If the oxidation numbers do not changeno transfer of electrons In a redox reaction oxidation numbers change In any redox reaction there will always be both oxidation and reduction 92 BALANCING REDOX EQUATIONS OXIDATION NUMBER METHOD The total increase in oxidation number for a particular atomion must equal the total decrease in oxidation number of another atomion 1Assign oxidation numbers 2Determine the number of electrons transferred per atom 3Determine number of electrons transferred per reactant subscripts 4Get coefficients for reactants to balance electrons transferred 5Balance O atom using H2Ol and H using Haq for basic solutions only 6Add OH to both sides equal in number to the number of H present 7Combine H and OH on the same side to form H2O and cancel the same number of H2o on both sides
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