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Chapter 2

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Richard Ennis

POLYMERS 21 SYNTHETIC ADDITION POLYMERS Monomer a molecule of relatively low molar mass that is linked with other similar molecules to form a polymerPolymer a molecule of large molar mass that consists of many repeating subunits monomersPolymerization the process of linking monomer units into a polymerAddition polymer a polymer formed when monomer units are linked through addition reactionsall atoms present in the monomer are retained in the polymer POLYETHYLENE A POLYMER OF ETHENE Recall alkenes undergo addition reactions with hydrogen halides chlorine bromine or hydrogen add to CCAlkenes can also react with other alkenesdouble bond in each broken forming single bonds with each otherCCCCCCCCCCCC OR CCn OTHER ADDITION POLYMERS Polypropene propane undergoes addition polymerization producing polypropene ROPEvery similar reaction with polyethene only with the substitution of a methyl group of H Polyvinyl Chloride PVC an addition polymer of chloroethene Substituted with Cl coating on fabrics raincoatPolystyrene benzene ring attached to ethane moleculevinyl benzene styrene addition of styrene is polystyreneADDITION POLYMERIZATION PROCESS1Initiation an initiating molecule ex peroxide with an unpaired electron forms a bond to one of the carbon atoms in the double bond Electrons shit in the newly bonded molecule leaving an unpaired from the electron double bond The unpaired electron can form covalent bond with other group 2Propagation reaction continues and chain propagates3Termination when any two unpaired electron ends combine forming a covalent bond that links two growing chains togetherPROPERTIES OF PLASTICSPlastic a synthetic substance that can be moulded often under heat and pressure and then retains its given shape Polymers of substituted ethane or vinyl monomers are generally plastics Unreactive unsaturated alkene monomers transformed into less reactive saturated carbon skeletons of alkanes strong bonds are very stable Cindy Shen 1Page
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