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Textbook Notes for Chemistry at University of Waterloo (UW)

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CHEM120L Chapter Notes - Chapter Calorimetry: Calorimetry

OC3180169 Page
27 May 2015
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UWCHEM266LRichard MartaFall

CHEM266L Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-5: Separatory Funnel, Diethyl Ether, Fume Hood

OC4938317 Page
14 Sep 2016
Eyes need to be covered with safety goggles door to door. Safety glasses, and safety glasses made to go over them, safety goggles (lose performance mar
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UWCHEM237LLaura MarroneSpring

CHEM237L Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Buffer Solution, Titration Curve, Burette

OC4938312 Page
12 Jul 2017
Introduction: a buffer resists changes in ph that would other occur after adding a sb or sa which contain weak acids and their conjugate base salts (or
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UWCHEM120LSue StathopulosFall

CHEM120L Chapter 3: Graphs for Calorimeter Lab (100%)

OC6596948 Page
30 Dec 2015
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UWCHEM267Monica BarraWinter

CHEM267 Chapter Notes - Chapter 20: Nucleophilic Addition, Grignard Reaction, Steric Effects

OC186424 Page
5 Mar 2013
The carbon of a carbonyl group is especially electrophilic due to both resonance and inductive effects (both resultling in a positive charge on c); mak
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UWCHEM267Monica BarraWinter

CHEM267 Chapter Notes - Chapter 18: Annulene, Steric Effects, Antiaromaticity

OC186423 Page
5 Mar 2013
Each c=c and c-c in benzene is not a double bond or single bond, but each is a 1. 5 bond . Cyclic compounds consisting of alternating single and double
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UWCHEM267Monica BarraWinter

CHEM267 Chapter Notes - Chapter Final: Nucleophilic Acyl Substitution, Haloform Reaction, Enol

OC186427 Page
18 Mar 2013
22. 1 introduction to alpha carbon chemistry: enols and enolates. The c positions (indicated by greek letters) are relative to the position of the carb
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UWCHEM254William PowerWinter

CHEM254 Chapter Notes -Ideal Gas, Exact Differential, Intensive And Extensive Properties

OC983692 Page
27 Feb 2013
The reversible work is the lower bound for the compression work and the upper bound for the expansion work. The maximum work that can be extracted from
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CHEM120 Chapter 1: Scan1.PDF

OC4703591 Page
18 May 2015
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UWCHEM237Dara GilbertWinter

CHEM237 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Condensation Reaction, Homeostasis, Irreversible Process

OC11918272 Page
15 Jan 2018
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UWCHEM266Steve ForseyFall

CHEM 266 Chapter 9: Substitution Reactions

OC9357426 Page
19 Dec 2016
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UWCHEM267Monica BarraFall

CHEM267 Chapter Notes - Chapter 15: Infrared Spectroscopy, Wavenumber, Saturated And Unsaturated Compounds

OC186423 Page
20 Dec 2012
Ir radiation causes vibrational excitation of the bonds in a molecule. Different kinds of vibrational excitation; bonds can: stretch (like a spring, be
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