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Computer Science
CS 135
Sandy Graham

The Design Recipe: Used to leave a written explanation for the function. Contract: Describes what type of arguments the function consumes and what type of value it produces. Contract should also contain constants used in the code. (Num, Int, Nat, Any) Purpose: Describes what the function is to compute. Examples: Illustrating the use of the function. Definition: The Scheme definition (header and body) of the function. Tests: A representative set of inputs and expected outputs. Tests can handle complexities in the body. Tests should be small and directed and always worked out by hand. Useful functions for testing: (check-expect (sum-of-squares 3 4) 25) (check-within (sqrt 2) 1.414 .001) (check-error (/ 1 0) "/: division by zero") Boolean-valued functions: Functions which produce only a “true” or “false” value. Examples: (= x y), (< x y), (> x y), (<= x y), (>= x y) A sample contract: ;; = : Num Num  Boolean Booleans can be combined using “and” and “or” functions. Example: (and (> 5 4) (< 6 8)) => true Predicates: A predicate is a function which produces a Boolean result. Scheme h
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