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Sandy Graham

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Compound Data - Structures bundle several values into one. - There exists a predefined structure called “posn” Posn Structures - make-posn: Num Num  Posn - posn-x: Posn  Num - posn-y: Posn  Num - Generally used for positions. - (make-posn 8 1) is considered to be a value and will not be simplified by the stepper. Defining Structures and Data Definitions - The define-struct function requires a structure name and a list of field names. (define-struct mp3 (title artist)) - A structure definition should be followed by a data definition which defines the parameters of a structure. ;; An mp3 = (make-mp3 String String) - Doing this creates a few functions for the user: Constructor: make-mp3 Selector: mp3-title
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