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Computer Science 136: Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction David R. Cheriton Winter 2013 School of Computer Science Introduction CS 136 builds on CS 135 Programming in a more "real-world" environment Introduction of the C language and continuing with Racket (Scheme) Focus on design, analysis and implementation of fundamental algorithms and data structures Provide tools and concepts necessary to solve computational problems in a robust, efficient and verifiable manner Ability to decompose and tackle a problem using abstraction. CS 136 Information Web page: Your main information source: http://www.student.cs.uwaterloo.ca/~cs136/ Discussion: Your main discussion forum – Piazza https://piazza.com/ Post questions! DO NOT POST CODE. Instructors and tutors will monitor the forum and answer. Can post anonymously to class, but your identity is always visible to instructors/tutors. Tutorials: Mondays; check website. Office hours: See website. To get help, you must: 1 Present legible, commented code 2 Present the test cases you have tried Midterm: Monday, March 4, 7pm – 8:50pm Materials Textbooks: “C Programming: A Modern Approach” (CP:AMA) by K. N. King. (Required) “How to Design Programs” (HtDP) by Felleisen, Flatt, Findler, Krishnamurthi http://www.htdp.org Clickers: Clickers available in the bookstore (required for participation marks) Presentation handouts: Will be made available on web page Evaluation Grading Scheme: 20% assignments 5% participation (clickers) 25% midterm 50% final exam Your assignment average and weighted exam average must both be at least 50% or you will not pass! Your final grade must be 60% or greater to take CS 246 (required for CS majors) Clickers Class Participation Mark Based on use of "clickers" (purchase at Bookstore, register as part of Assignment 0) Purpose: to encourage active learning and provide real-time feedback Several multiple-choice questions during each lecture Marks for answering (more for correct answer) Best 75% over whole term used for 5% of final grade Assignments Assignments are to be completed individually. Do not share code. A0 is due this Friday A0 does not count toward your grade, but must be completed before other assignments will be marked All other assignments are due on Wednesdays at 11:59am Assignments may be submitted (or re-submitted) late up until April 8 with a (▯ ) deduction 2 Assignment solutions will not be posted. A1 is due next Wednesday (Jan 16) Software Software: gedit – Open source code editor runC – Add-on to gedit that runs your programs (both C and Racket) Try to avoid DrRacket (but it may be useful for debugging) The Marmoset system automatically marks your code. You submit your source files via the web, Marmoset runs and tests
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