CS330 Chapter Notes - Chapter 13-14: Work Breakdown Structure, User Interface Design, Design Strategy

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CHAPTER 13&14 Building and Managing Systems
CS 330 Spring 2016
PROJECT: accomplish specific objective through interrelated tasks and utilization of resources
PROJECT MGMT: application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques in order to meet project requirements
- divide project into Work Breakdown Structure
- define specific activities
- graphically portray activities in network diagram
Bottom-up Estimation: estimate time of each task element, like WBS
Execution Monitoring and Control:
establish base line plan
monitor progress and compared to planned progress
take corrective action if behind schedule / overrunning budget / not meeting expectations
Closure: hand over deliverables, passing documentation to business, releasing staff and equipment
ANALYSIS MODELS: (analysis + system concept + model = System Proposal)
Use Case: typical use of the system
Process Model: step by step of each use case
Data Model: input-output and data involved
Object-Oriented: data + process into one graph
actually write the programs (pseudo/actual)
use flow charts
o Oval = start/end
o Parallelogram = input/output
o Rectangle = process
o Diamond = decision (if statement)
COUPLING: how tightly two modules are bound to each other
COHESION: how closely processes in a program are related
unit testing: test each program separately
system testing: test entire system to see if modules work together
acceptance testing: final certification that system is ready to go
parallel: allows comparison of systems and reduces operational risks
pilot: overcome resistance by allowing group to new system
phases: greatly limits number of errors and operational risk
direct cutover: benefits realized without delay but risky
corrective: correct discovered problems
adaptive: keep it usable in a changing environment
preventive: correct flaws before they become effective
perfective: to improve performance and maintainability
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