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Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2 & 3 notes notes taken from the first chapter.

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East Asian
Kevin Cai

EASIACHAPTER 23CHAPTER 2PREHISTORY BEGINNINGS IN CHINA AND THE SHANG DYNASTYNEOLITHIC REVOLUTIONAfrica Asia and Europeunits of the Old Worldnd SHANG Dynasty2 Millennium BCE 1600 BCE1050 BCE Neolithicstage of development Noted for the brining of metalsCopper was the first metal Both Old and New worldIt was by 3000 BC that agriculture was full established in places like Mesopotamia East and Iran WestAGRICULTURAL ORIGINS IN SE ASIARice was native in this areaCentered on Root Crops easily cultivated in tropical climatesFindings of anything clay pots tools show that agriculture was presentMilletfirst cereal cultivated in SE AsiaIt started off matriarchalPatriarchal Hoabinhian culture of northern Vietnam cultivated ricedomesticated chickens pigswater buffaloes Made bronze tools as well PREHISTORIC CHINAEmergence of civilizationNorth China plain of YELLOW RIVER Huang HeHowever it is said that South East Asia was where it started and that it may have spread to the North to think otherwiseThough not much has been excavated or explored in South AsiaNorth China is good for Agriculture bc of its fertile soils Loesswind laid dust that is easy to cultivate and almost inexhaustibleBampo near modern Xian excavated North sitehad a trench around it to separate from natural worldThey belonged to a people called Painted Pottery culture or YangshaoLater it joined the late Neolithic culturesShang Dynasty Another Neolithic cultureBlack Pottery Culture or LongshanChinese symbols emerged at this time asideographspictographsInscribed on Neolithic potter of the Banpo period4000 BCEORIGINS OF CHINA The Shang Dynasty most likely arose from the Longshan and Yangshao culturesIt is said that Chinese civilization had no single center and that the South was at least as advanced as the NorthChina had multiple cultural originscame together only with Qin conquest of 221 BCE
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