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ECON 102
Barry Mc Clinchey

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Review: CHAPTER 7 Y = A F (L, K, H, N) What malice predicted..? Supply is falling but conservation for supply is increasing (on multiple choice) Increase capital per worker output per worker increases (increase in output per worker) If you keep increasing capital with(diminishing return) Marginal…. Catch up effect (lower capital per worker) Remember the income/growth table beginning of chapter 7 Foreign direct investment etc and how it changes the GDP and GNP per country Inward orientated policy and outward orientated policy (Singapore, Taiwan etc) Free trade (country that restrict free trade and not promote free trade tariffs) Y/L-K/L graph with curve Level of income, growth of income If you have more people you can have more people devoted to work = improved technology Propriety knowledge CHAPTER 8 Difference between financial markets and financial intermediaries Federal bond less risky, corporate bonds are most risky Debt finance and equity finance difference? What is the stock index (TSX) Don’t need to know loanable funds fu
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