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ECON 201
Barry Mc Clinchey

J Cuench • Buy his notes SPRING 2013 ECON 201 section 002 for $17 (mainly what he discusses in the class minus a few missing information) • Textbook not required • Buy red my life economics etc for $20ish • You can go to DP and ask for additional information for this course • Do the 20 multiple choice questions online to review econ 101 • Take home exam will be up in a week and can go to him for help to ensure perfect (5%) • Pay close attention to review questions online *most likely on future exams May 7, 2013 1. Assumptions 2. Analysis (which we use to make… Model 3. Predictions (sometimes these predictions can be wrong) Neoclassical Theory: Review this from his notes: • I…AD…1 then read price of other goods….then read money of income (all on same page 6/8) • 4. Expectations (review but not too important) • 5. • What variables are we holding constant when we draw this specific curve? (popular question on exam) • When variables move up and down the demand curve: demand does not change, quanti
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