GBDA101 Chapter Notes - Chapter na: Denotation, Connotation

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Graphic Design Theory Notes (Online PDF Textbook)
oDescribes, depicts or stands in some way for an object/experience
oA process where people make something that expresses an interest in some
particular aspect of something else, and that is motivated by both context and
oBasic unit of representation
oRelationship between a sign and what it stands for is arbitrary
Reflective Approach
oSuggests that meaning resides in the object, person, or event in the real world,
the language system mimics what is already there
Intentional Approach
oOpposite of reflective, meaning is imposed on the object, person, or event by the
author/maker of the representation
Constructionist Approach
oAcknowledges the public/social character of the language. Suggests we construct
meaning through the use of systems that link concepts to signs
Semantic Network
oFields of related meanings, with each network having its own characteristic
oAn idea/feeling that a representation invokes addition to its literal meaning
oDenotation is the literal or surface meaning of a sign
oHow we identify stimuli in our environment and group them in memory as
members of a category
oProcessed in the mind as “concrete”, information-rich images that transfer
expectations from one to the other
o(or natural) a term for the representation that is natural or that physically
resembles what it stands for
oAny object/person/shape within a photograph
oCould be an actual line, is a force or tension among participants in a visual
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