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Textbook Notes for Health Studies at University of Waterloo (UW)

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HLTH101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Rational Basis Review, Occupational Safety And Health, Homeostasis

OC3974306 Page
11 Feb 2015
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UWHLTH101Gary BruceFall

HLTH101 Chapter Notes - Chapter -1-2: Talcott Parsons, Mantra, Chemotherapy

OC66960213 Page
11 Nov 2015
Dramatic medical advances are exciting but they bring challenges and have raised concerns. Concerns over equity: not everyone has benefitted equally fr
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UWHLTH101Ian WilliamsFall

HLTH101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Sickle-Cell Disease

OC11229044 Page
5 Feb 2017
Health: the overall condition of a person;s body or mind, and the absence of illness or injury: can be determined by factory beyond your control, ie. R
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UWHLTH352Alexander CrizzleWinter

HLTH352 Chapter Notes - Chapter 10: Economic Security, Old Age Security, Pension

OC1468794 Page
26 May 2016
By 2020, 1 in 4 of labour force will be 45-54y; 1 in 7 will be 55-64. Average age of retirement is 62y; but more oa continue to work after 65y: ~8% wom
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UWHLTH102Scott LeatherdaleWinter

HLTH102 Chapter Notes -Red Meat, Childhood Obesity, Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor

OC715343 Page
19 Feb 2013
This can result in higher levels of medical dependency and risk. The formulation of health should be the ability to adapt and to self manage! Topic 2 -
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UWHLTH245Chris PerlmanFall

HLTH245 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Canada Social Transfer, Canada Health Transfer, Equalization Payments

OC9610212 Page
2 Dec 2017
Chapter 6 dollars and sense of health care funding. Idea that health care is free is a common and dangerous belief; contributes to overuse of health ca
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UWHLTH101Diane WilliamsFall

HLTH101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Dysthymia, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Axon Terminal

OC105606612 Page
20 Jul 2016
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UWHLTH101Diane WilliamsFall

HLTH101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Toilet Training, Erik Erikson, Abraham Maslow

OC10560665 Page
20 Jul 2016
Psychological health (mental health) contributes to every dimension of wellness: physical health is dependent on mental health and vice-versa, very dif
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UWHLTH352Elena NeitermanWinter

HLTH352 Chapter Notes - Chapter 6: Social Inequality, Filial Piety, Social Stratification

OC5910939 Page
13 Feb 2018
Chapter 6: social structure, social inequality, and the life course. Introduction: as people engage in social relationships, they are assigned differen
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UWHLTH245Chris PerlmanFall

HLTH245 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Canada Health Act, Health Care In Canada, Royal Assent

OC961024 Page
2 Dec 2017
Chapter 3: the history of health care in canada (pg 89-107) Become a law under pierre trudeau"s liberal government. Had royal assent (final stage of a
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UWHLTH260Theresa SchumilasSpring

HLTH260 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-12: Epidemiological Transition, Social Epidemiology, Coronary Artery Disease

OC34077533 Page
8 Dec 2016
There are different levels of analysis -> ex: healthy cell vs healthy individual vs healthy population. Some variables or attributes are only appropria
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UWHLTH102David HammondWinter

HLTH102 Chapter Notes - Chapter NA: Ambulatory Care, Indian Health Service, List Of Federally Recognized Tribes

OC107073533 Page
1 Aug 2016
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