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HLTH 102
Scott Leatherdale

HLTH 102| 1/13/2013 “Tobacco Use remains the leading preventable cause of premature death in the United States” (Topic 2: How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease Surgeon General’s Report)  ½ of all long term smokers (whom started smoking in their teens) will most probably die from their use of tobacco.  1964, Surgeon General’s Report stated the overwhelming and conclusive biologic, epidemiologic, behavioural and pharmacologic evidence that tobacco use in any form is harmful and deadly.  Evidence Summary: o Indicates that young people can quickly develop nicotine addictions o Maj. people who begin to use tobacco on a daily basis will have great diff. breaking this addition o 2006, there is not risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke o Each inhalation has a complex mixture of combustion compounds that leads to the transfer of many chemical toxicants form the lungs to the blood stream, which carries them to almost every part of the body  These chemical compounds cause damage in the genetic makeup of cells, as well as well as inflammation and oxidative stress to the tissues throughout the body. o Exposure to second hand smoke  Pro-thrombotic effect  Causes endothelial cell dysfunction o CVD  Immediate effects of short exposures to second hand smoke appear to be large as those associated with smoking a pack a day  Cigarette smoke and components within the smoke stimulate release or activity of factors that favours the development of thrombosis.  Also injures endothelial cells that line the arteries and impair endothelial function o Smoke cessation (fancy way of saying “to quit smoking”)
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