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Human Resources Management
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HRM 200
Katrina Di Gravio

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Chapter 5HRPHuman Resources Planningthe process of forecasting future HR requirements to ensure organizations have the requirements to meet strategic objectivesAs the baby boom generation begins to retire not many ppl to fill vacant positions HRP has to align with strategic goals of org Environmental Scanning assessing factors that affect the external labour market as well as an orgs ability to find secure talent from outside of the orgex economic conditions unemployment in an area is low so org would have to be more aggressive in recruitingHRP aligns forecasted labour supply with the predicted labour demandsoften the accuracy of info regarding current situation is taken for granted current HR levels must be assessed before predicting futureForecasting the Availability of Candidates SupplyInternalcandidates who can be trained transferred or promoted Externalppl in the labour market not currently working for the organization Forecasting the Supply of Internal CandidatesBefore hiring externally need
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