Chapter 15

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Human Resources Management
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HRM 200
Katrina Di Gravio

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Chapter 15Managing Employee SeparationsTurnover termination of an individuals employment Voluntary turnover employee initiated biggest challenge is lack of managerial control5 reasons1 suboptimal hiring practices2 difficult managerial style3 Toxic work env4 lack of recognition5 lack of competitive compensation systemInvoluntary turnover employer initiated Retirement difficult to predict when employee will retire retirees on call come back on a part time or asneeded basisphased retirement gradually decreasing hours Why do employers engage in involuntary turnover performance may be below standard economicfinancial pressures on org layoffs outsourcing should be fair and occur only after all reasonable steps to try and fix them have been taken a fair and just process is based on rules and regualtions progressive disciple and ap
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