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University of Waterloo
Human Resources Management
HRM 200
Katrina Di Gravio

Chapter 6 RecruitmentVideoMagog Town Crier Charlie upholds the rights of individuals has a passion his target is an older population so he sees more eye to eye with themhes not afraid to say what he truly feels he doesnt have any successors so him and his newspaper will probably die outHR planning issuehe doesnt have a plan his passion isnt being sustained by having a straightforward HR plan Recruitmentprocess of searching for job candidatesoadequate numberoqualifiedfrom which to select staff needed to meet job requirements you select dont settle in recruitment process you want to have methods in order to be able to select the best person for the jobthe process begins with the identification of a position that requires staffing and is completed when resumes and completed application forms are received from an adequate number of applicants HR team can hire a recruiter whose job is to find and attract qualified applicants The Recruitment Process 1Job openings are identified 2The job requirements are determined 3Appropriate recruitment sources and methods are chosen4A pool of qualified recruits is generated Constraints on the Recruitment Processpromotefromwithin policiesemployment equity plansinducements of competitorslabour shortageslaurier staff must post a job to existing staff and faculty first process of allowing others in Laurier first2 week open windowSometimes you have to go through this 2 week process even if you have already found the person outsideRecruiting Within the Organization Advantagesenhanced morale if competence is rewardedmore commitment to company goalslongerterm perspective on business decisionsmore accurate assessment of candidates skillsless orientation requiredby hiring inside you know there capabilities and skills they are already integrated within the company
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